Monday, 16 December 2013

Award winning Menopause Magazine, what is it all about?

The Menopause affects ALL women and is a phase of significant hormonal, physical and psychological change. While all women are affected very differently, they should all have access to accurate, non-biased information to empower them to make informed choices about the management of their menopause. At Menopause Matters, our mission is to provide such information and support. To achieve this aim,Menopause Matters Ltd was founded in 2001, and in January 2002 launched what is now the leading UK based, award winning menopause website attracting an average of 4,500 visitors per day.
To provide essential information and support in a complementary, glossy format, reach a wider audience, and satisfy an evident need for a hard copy resource, Menopause Matters magazine was launched in summer 2005. Menopause Matters magazine is currently the only magazine of its kind, written specifically for women approaching and experiencing the menopause. Menopause Matters combines medical facts with glamour in an upbeat, readable style. Menopause Matters magazines are posted out to individual subscribers, GP's surgeries and menopause clinics and to gyms and yoga studios. While our print run has increased, so too has the use of our website where the online magazine can be viewed, the two mediums complementing and promoting each other, achieving our aim of a continued increase in the use of both.
With the medical background and knowledge of Dr Heather Currie, a national expert in Women’s Health and the menopause, the editorial skills and extensive publishing experience of Mr Andrew MacKay, the website expertise of Mr Rik Moncur and the advertising expertise of Mrs Annie Preuss, this innovative team cross public and private sector, medical and non-medical boundaries to provide accessible, accurate, readable, attractive information and support which is essential for all women.
Surveys of both women and health professionals showed:
  • 90% considered Menopause Matters to be very useful
  • 96% found Menopause Matters content good or very good
  • 91% found the advertisements useful
  • 90% said that the magazines were received well or very well by patients
  • 97% wish to keep receiving the magazines
  • 99% felt that the magazines should be available in all GP’s surgeries and menopause clinics
  • 98% felt that Menopause Matters helped women be better informed
While providing general menopause information, Menopause Matters magazine also sensitively tackles embarrassing menopause related topics, enabling women to understand, seek help when necessary and go on to lead as healthy, full lives as possible. With current NHS constraints, Menopause Matters goes a long way in empowering women to cope with an inevitable health process, without necessarily needing to use NHS resources.
I have just picked up a copy of 'Menopause Matters' at the GP surgery and I found it really refreshing and confidence boosting - the fact that somebody out there believes that we 55+ women are not on the sexual decline was heartening and in particular, that vaginal atrophy is treatable. I want to thank you sincerely for producing this magazine which offers such a ray of light in the apparent gloaming. You have given me such great hope.
I am sure there must be many colleagues who equally find balancing careers with the menopause a real challenge.............I cannot thank you enough for putting me back in the driver’s seat.
ALL females should have access to the magazine young & old!
Fabulous magazine. Really helpful tool and good for staff too
Brilliant. Magazines go like hot cakes
Excellent up to date glossy mag for ladies. I give copies to all my menopausal patients
Read by staff and patients alike – excellent
Please can we have some more magazines for the surgery- they go like hot cakes!
I just LOVE Menopause Matters magazine!  Thank you for sending to the United States.
My patients have found the magazines very useful, especially when they realised that other women had similar symptoms of the menopause to them and they were not alone.
Was just reading the articles in your last edition about STD issues in my age pocket, awesome piece!!! Glad to see someone getting the info out there!
Magazine extremely useful and allows women to look information for themselves and educates and builds confidence
Excellent resource for profession and public

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